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We offer the highest quality and care for our patients. By serving hundreds of patients every month, our team has become one of the most recognizable team in the injectable community within Orange County. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

      Love, love, love Dr. Peter Newen + Joanna and the entire staff! From the moment you walk in you are cheerfully greeted by these beautiful young ladies! They offer you something to drink and there is practically no wait time with appointment. My sister and I have both gone for Botox and Fillers. Our results are amazing and we are so happy with their work! Little to no pain or bruising with either. Highly recommend them! Can't wait to go back for our lip fillers!

    thumb Mayra H.

      I had a facelift eight years ago with Dr. Newen and I could not be happier with the results. I think I could go to 100 doctors, and not come out with a better result. I'm serious. I was so happy so I brought my husband to do a full facelift. He has a very artistic eye. Love my result. Thank you to Dr. Newen and staff.

    thumb Peggy W.

      There's only one word that can accurately describe my experience at Image Plastic: WOW.
    From the moment I called the office for more information and spoke to the receptionist to when I walked out after the procedure, I was treated beyond amazing. My friend had gotten his lips done by Joanna and I reached out based on his excellent recommendation.
    When you initially walk in, you're greeted by the friendly receptionists, all smiles, and offered something to drink. The front area is super clean and has a beautifully arranged seating area. I immediately felt so comfortable and relaxed surrounded by such pleasant vibes.
    My consultation with Joanna went superbly and she reassured me and answered all questions I had, all while radiating such positive energy. As this was my first experience with any type of cosmetic procedure, I was extremely nervous and full of a billion questions. Joanna was incredibly patient and really put me at ease.
    During the procedure, Joanna narrated exactly what she was doing, and made sure that I was feeling relaxed and not feeling any pain (I am also terribly scared of needles so this was a big deal for me). She didn't rush, and was so gentle, I felt almost nothing. I was extremely nervous, so Joanna kept things light and I was honestly giggling the entire time. She was really amazing. Like genuinely amazing.
    Afterwards, Joanna took the time to ensure I was feeling good, and let me know what to avoid (lol like avoiding  getting punched in the face for at least a week -- this had me laughing) and what to do in case anything unexpected occurred.
    The whole experience was wonderful. If you're looking to get any type of procedure done, surgical or non-surgical, I would definitely recommend checking out Image Plastic Surgery.
    Again, WOW.

    thumb Isra Z.