Do you want to enhance your figure or have a healthier complexion? When you’re looking to improve various aspects of your appearance, a medical spa can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Medical spas provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments that aim to resolve common aesthetic concerns. This includes treatments to address signs of aging or procedures that remove excess weight. 

The Image Center works with a large number of patients in Huntington Beach, Downey, Irvine, and San Clemente, CA. Our outstanding team performs an array of different cosmetic treatments. Read on to learn more about the types of medical spa services we provide.

Medical Spa Cosmetic Services 

Medical spas offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, ranging from completely non-invasive to minimally invasive. The following are some of the more popular procedures you may find at our medical spa.

Facial Treatments

Also known as facial rejuvenation, facial treatments are medical spa services that use customized products and innovative devices to improve the appearance of your skin. Facial treatments are popular procedures for people struggling with signs of aging or certain imperfections in their complexion. Our most popular facial treatments include:


Hydrafacials are customized cosmetic services that use a combination of topical treatments, deep exfoliation, and extraction to create a healthier complexion. 

A hydrafacial can provide intense moisture to dehydrated skin while exfoliating it, removing debris and dead skin cells. Hydrafacials also decongest the pores by extracting excess oil and bacteria that can lead to blemishes.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that rejuvenate the skin by removing damaged, blemished skin and allowing new layers of skin to be revealed. With the use of specialized topical treatments, dead, dehydrated skin is removed to unveil the fresh, vibrant skin underneath.


Sometimes called microdermabrasion, microneedling uses tiny needles to make punctures in the skin. These microscopic punctures stimulate a healing response in the skin’s cells, leading to the creation of new, healthy skin. 

Microneedling is a popular treatment for those struggling with age-related changes like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark age spots.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most effective ways to enhance various aspects of your appearance. The best cosmetic medical spas offer a wide array of plastic surgical procedures to help patients address aesthetic concerns they cannot address on their own. 

The following are three of the most frequently requested plastic surgical procedures at our medical spa:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that can enhance the size and shape of a patient’s breasts. With the use of saline or silicone implants, the breasts can be made rounder and larger. Patients often seek breast augmentation for breasts that are too small or breasts that don’t have the shape they desire.


When diet and exercise alone are not enough to reduce fat on the body, many people look to liposuction. During a liposuction procedure, our providers use a thin cannula to break down fat and suction it from the patient’s body. This treatment can effectively remove unwanted fat and give your figure a more sculpted appearance.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to correct abnormalities of the nasal structure or to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose. 

During a rhinoplasty, our team can remove cartilage and bone from your nose to create symmetry, remove a nasal bridge bump, or improve the shape of your nostrils. Rhinoplasty can also be used to correct a deviated septum.

Non-Surgical Options

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are services that don’t require any anesthesia. These are outpatient procedures that seldom require any recovery or downtime afterward. Non-surgical options may be completely non-invasive or minimally invasive in nature. Below are three examples of popular non-surgical medical spa services.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable cosmetic treatments that are used to address signs of aging or enhance certain facial features. These injectable fillers often contain hyaluronic acid, which increases volume under the skin and stimulates collagen production. This can add fullness to sullen, hollow cheeks or under eyes. 

Certain types of dermal fillers can also be used to give thin lips a fuller, more plump appearance.

Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring is one of the most popular treatments at our premier medical spa. 

Body contouring procedures like EMSculpt use innovative technology to rid the body of unwanted fat and enhance underlying muscle tone. 

Patients who seek body contouring treatments often want to improve the appearance of their stomach, buttocks, legs, or arms when diet and exercise alone are not producing significant results.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is a common form of hair removal that produces long-lasting results. Patients enjoy laser hair removal because it halts hair growth at the source, slowing regrowth or stopping it altogether. 

This is a popular treatment for patients who are tired of having to regularly shave or wax various areas of their bodies, including the arms, legs, and face.

The Image Center Medical Spa

Do you want to enhance your image with the help of a renowned medical spa? The offices of The Image Center Aesthetics Med Spa in Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Irvine, and Downey, CA, offer a large selection of cosmetic services. 

Our skilled, compassionate providers perform surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures to address a wide range of needs, from dermal fillers to liposuction to rhinoplasty. 

Ready to explore treatment options from a premier medical spa? Contact us online or by phone to schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine providers.